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Calls to Rogers' Cell Phones Are Marked As SPAM or Fraud! How to Resolve This? hiya

Updated: Apr 8

Rogers hiya spam calls


In the age of constant connectivity, our smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. However, with the convenience of mobile communication comes the nuisance of spam calls. One tool that many users turn to in the fight against unwanted calls is Hiya, a popular call-blocking app. In this blog post, we'll explore the prevalence of spam calls, the role of Hiya in tackling this issue, and how Rogers, a leading telecommunications company, is working alongside users to enhance call security.

The Rise of Spam Calls:

Spam calls have become an increasingly prevalent issue in recent years, disrupting our daily lives and causing frustration for smartphone users worldwide. These calls range from annoying telemarketing pitches to more sinister scams aimed at extracting sensitive information from unsuspecting individuals. As the number of spam calls continues to rise, users are seeking effective solutions to filter out these unwanted intrusions.

Hiya: A Shield Against Spam Calls:

Enter Hiya, a powerful call-blocking app designed to identify and block spam calls. Hiya works by analyzing a vast database of known spam numbers, utilizing crowdsourced data from its user community to stay ahead of emerging threats. The app empowers users to take control of their incoming calls, providing real-time caller ID and the ability to block or report suspicious numbers.

Rogers and Hiya Partnership:

Rogers, a leading telecommunications provider in Canada, has recognized the growing concern of spam calls among its customers. In response, Rogers has partnered with Hiya to integrate its call protection services into its network. This collaboration aims to enhance the overall call security for Rogers subscribers, offering an additional layer of defense against spam calls.

How Hiya and Rogers Work Together:

The integration of Hiya's technology into the Rogers network allows for a seamless experience for users. When a call is received, Hiya's algorithms quickly analyze the incoming number, cross-referencing it with its extensive database. If the number is identified as spam, the call is automatically flagged or blocked, sparing users from the annoyance and potential risks associated with spam calls.

User Empowerment:

The collaboration between Hiya and Rogers is not only a technological advancement but also a testament to the importance of user empowerment. By providing customers with the tools to filter out unwanted calls, both companies are actively working to create a safer and more enjoyable communication experience.


Spam calls are a persistent challenge in the modern era, but innovative solutions like Hiya, combined with the strategic partnerships forged by leading telecommunications companies like Rogers, are helping users reclaim control over their phone calls. As technology continues to evolve, the battle against spam calls remains ongoing, and collaborations between app developers and telecom giants play a crucial role in ensuring a secure and hassle-free communication environment for users.

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